Sean Seshadri is a software engineer and popular technology blogger. Based in Seattle, he works for one of the area’s largest tech companies. His day job focuses on creating the best quality proprietary software to streamline his company’s daily operations. As an a public speaker, Seshadri travels the world and shares his expertise with interested people at any level of technical knowledge. He has a gift of explaining the most complex topics to a general audience. His blog dives deeper into these topics, exploring the different applications for technology innovations.

Seshadri began his career as a high school intern. Since he got his start at such a young age, he has been involved in encouraging young people to join the tech field. During his time atCentral Washington University as a computer science major, he was a teaching assistant. This helped him to hone his skills at explaining difficult concepts.

Sean Seshadri is not only a technology expert, but he is also a family man with a wife and two daughters. He spends as much time with his family as possible, often taking them abroad while he speaks at conferences. His family is also involved in finding software engineer shelter animals. They have of the two dogs home in recent years.

What do you do?

I am a technology professional, blogger, and public speaker.

How long have you been in business?

I have been in the field for 15 years, ever since I graduated from college. I was fortunate to find work in my field right after graduation. I really enjoy working for my company, and I am also lucky to be able to travel and share my knowledge through conferences and my blog.

Are there any unique challenges in your industry?

There are so many challengesin the technology industry. I’ll name a few. The big challenge right now is funding. The venture capital firms just aren’t investing in new companies theway they used to be. Security is another huge problem. There have been many high-profile hacks and information leaks over the past few years. Understandably, many people are nervous about giving their information to new companies. Another challenge is the rapidly growing tech monopoly. Large companies continually buying smaller ones means that there is less competition in the market.

Do you have any particular challenges that you personally address?

I personally make things run smoother for my company. My proprietary software is concerned with security. I help to protect my company’s data and its customers from bad actors. Through my blog and public speaking, I also try my best to explain highly technical topics to a general audience.

Is your industry growing, shrinking or remaining the same?

Our industry is growing, but not at the rate it was growing several years ago. We are growing steadily as the economy remains strong.

How does technology impact your company?

Technology is everything to my company, and also to my personal side businesses of the blog and public speaking. The pace of innovation remains strong, and it takes a lot of effort to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape.

Have you ever been to Miami?

I have been to Miami, and I love it. It’s such an exciting city, with so many different cultures. My favorite thing about Miami is the food. The beaches aren’t bad, either. I especially love to go there in the winter and get away from the chilly fog in Seattle.

What part of Miami?

I’ve been all over Miami. My favorite neighborhood is Little Havana. I love new flavors, and exploring the mom and pop restaurants is one of my greatest pleasures.

Did you visit any particular locations including restaurants?

My favorite restaurant is El Cristo, located in the heart of Little Havana on Southwest 8th Street. It’s asmall, family-run place with amazing, authentic food. It has a friendly atmosphere and I always feel at home there.

I’ve spent a lot of time at the major hotels during my stays at conferences. My favorite is the Redbury in South Beach. It’s so handy to the convention center and it’s right in the middle of a great neighborhood. I always look forward to trips to Miami.

Would you come back?

I would absolutely comeback. I haven’t yet brought my family to Miami. My daughters are ten and seven,and I feel like they would enjoy the beaches and all of the attractions.

Was it a business or pleasure trip?

My last trip to Miami was a business trip, but I made time to have a little fun while I was there. I met up with some friends from the tech blogging world and we went out to a few great restaurants and bars.

Where do you see yourself or business in 5 years?

I see success in my future. I believe that anything is possible if you work hard, and I certainly put in the legwork for success. Technology will continue to advance, and people will need someone to translate it to real-world terms. I will be there to help them along.