Stephen Andrew Stepaniuk is a travel blogger based in Boston. His love for travel adventure and linguistics landed him the promising career. The New England native works as a consultant for a multi-state entity. He attended Northeastern University in Boston, where he obtained a degree in English. Although the Stephen Stepanuik’s interest in travel writing blossomed during the college years, he was greatly inspired to reach for the skies by family and friends. He decided to start a blog immediately after graduating from college to share stories and photos of his many adventures. The interest soon grew when advertisers and sponsors began to chip in.

Stephen Stepanuik’s blog continues to attract the interest of travelers, vacationers and general public due to his objective style of writing, emphasize on historical data analysis and interactive platform. Readers can use the platform to comment on various issues and receive prompt responses. Over the course of his work, Stephen Stepaniuk has visited many countries, most notable in Europe. The countries include Germany, Italy and the UK. He spent a considerable amount of time in Germany as an exchange student. It is here that he developed an interest in learning Germany. The multi-lingual travel blogger also speaks French and Polish.

Lately, his interest has been focused on learning Mandarin; a language spoken by close to a billion people around the world. The grasp of different languages has given Stephen Andrew Stepaniuk an edge when it comes to communicating with people from different countries and researching interesting places to visit. The places he is scheduled to visit in the coming months include Dubai, New Delhi and Shenzhen in China. The discourse will help him bring more captivating personal accounts from large swathes of the Middle East and Far East. Stephen Stepaniuk does his own photography and enjoys reading and volunteering at a public library in Boston.

What is your occupation?

I am a travel blogger. My job demands doing a lot of research, writing stories and traveling.

How long have you been in the trade?

I have been in the business for the last 10 years. The passion to write and tell stories has always kept me going. My blog makes money through corporate advertisements and sponsorships. The other revenue streams include referral and affiliate traffic. Besides writing and blogging, I spend a bit of time managing company blog and coordinating events for a travel blogger association.

Are there unique industry challenges you would like to talk about?

In the beginner, it was quite challenging trying to set up a blog and managing it successfully. Through experience, I learnt that building a successful blog demands a businesslike acumen. The whole essence is hinged on making the most out of your adventures. Here, I am talking about income prospects and lifestyle. The rate of success can be enhanced through proper planning and investment in the right tools. The means choosing the right name, theme, host and plug-ins. The other important elements include content and marketing techniques from email to social media.

Is your industry rising, shrinking or stagnant?

All I see are infinite opportunities. I love the fact that I can go out there, create content or document my travels for an eager audience. I read somewhere that a half of all fortune 500 companies maintain some sort of public corporate blog. I am sure there are plenty of good reasons for this. Many famous people also blog regularly. I am thinking; Katy Perry, Jay–Z and Miley Cyrus.

How is technology changing the way you work?

The growing visibility of 4G and 5G technology is pointing to better things ahead. With these developments, I see a future where immersive technology will push the boundaries. A good example is the emergence of 3D camera and associated technology. As bloggers, it is now easier to link to Instagram or Facebook and relay live broadcasts without buffering, a fact that points to a vibrant vlogging future. Technology has also made it easier to track various blogging metrics.

Have you ever been to Miami?

I have been to Miami several times. Miami is a cultural mosaic that promises unforgettable experience, whether one is traveling for holidays or business.

What part of Miami?

I have been to the downtown and a few neighborhoods.

What particular location did you visit, including restaurants?

Miami is home to some of the coziest neighborhoods anywhere. I have a friend who lives in Key Biscayne, a resort area. I have also visited Coral Gables and once made a stopover in Little Havana, where there is this hugely popular restaurant called Asian 2B Bistro that offers great food at affordable prices. The other popular restaurant is the Morgan’s restaurant perched in Midtown Miami. The eatery serves brunch, lunch and dinners and unbeatable desserts.

Would you come back?

I will certainly come again.