Working in the medical field is an incredibly tough endeavor. It requires an indomitable will, endless compassion, and persistence to help you navigate through the industry. Dr. Jan McBarron is an individual who worked her way up from the bottom to the position where she is now. She has overcome the obstacles that were set before her and was able to play to her own strengths to become a successful M.D. However, Jan McBarron had a different approach that didn’t exactly fall-in-line with the fast-paced environment of the emergency room.

Dr. Jan McBarron’s passion in life is helping people. She wanted to help individuals recover from their illnesses and allow them to move forward with their lives. She began her professional career as a registered nurse and after a few years, wanted to give back more to the people she was helping. She decided to become an M.D. to better assist the individuals that needed professional care. She would continue working her way through med school while working night shift as a nurse. While other individuals would have crumbled, Dr. Jan McBarron pushed through and succeeded. In addition to pushing through the hardships, worked fulltime in her private medical practice and simultaneously for twenty years broadcasted an enormously successful nationally syndicated health talk radio show titled Duke and The Doctor with her husband, Duke Liberatore. Now she focuses on spreading her message about bariatric medicine via social media, public speaking, and authoring books to help inform people about non-surgical ways to lose weight.

What is Your Profession?

Medicine is my primary profession. I am proud to be a medical doctor and having worked in the Emergency Room as well having seen patients in private practice, have since changed to create informational resources that can help a greater number of people live their best life. Although I enjoyed working in private practice as medical doctor, I felt it was time to move on and help many more people in highly proactive ways. Social media, public speaking, writing and the Dr. Jan McBarron Scholarship Initiative allows me to reach many more people than I ever could seeing patients one on one in private practice.

How Long Have You Been in The Industry?

I have been in this industry for more than thirty years. These three decades have provided me with dozens of opportunities to grow as a medical professional. I have truly enjoyed working with the people that I knew and learned so much from them. There are so many incredible people that work in the medical industry. We all help each other to become better practitioners through an incredibly strong support system.

Are There Particular Challenges in Your Industry That You Would Like to Discuss With Our Readers?

I feel as if the issue I’m about to explain doesn’t get talked about enough. The medical industry has become more about numbers than it is about healthcare at times. There were many instances where patients were scurried outside of a room after they had received medical care. Although they were medically cleared, they were an emotional wreck from the trauma that they had just experienced. I stayed with them to comfort them.

The medical administration team didn’t like this as there was an endless line of people waiting to be seen. While I understand that there are priorities to be focused on, I simply could not let this person not be comforted after what they experienced. I believe the medical industry needs to take an introspective look at itself and bring forth more compassion than insurance collections and numbers.

Do You See Any Growth Prospects in Your Industry?

I will say that there is a growing demand for medical workers. People are sicker than ever. They live sedentary lifestyles that are greatly affecting their health. This means that more people will end up needing medical attention in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now is the perfect time to enter the medical industry if you are looking for job security.

How is Technology Changing Your Work and Industry in General?

Technology has changed the medical industry in an incredible way both good and bad. In a positive fashion, it allows students to study in a virtual environment, electronic medical records and patient access portals allow transparency, robotics and wearable medical devices benefit many. On the negative side, people search online and often self-diagnose or make medical decisions according to what they read. Clearly the internet contains a lot of incorrect, invalid and overtly false information. People unfortunately tend to believe everything they read.

Have You Been to Miami?

I have been to Miami many times. I love visiting the beach and experiencing the incredible amount of culture this beloved city offers. It offers a wide diversity of options including South Beach, eateries, shopping, entertainment and more.

What Part of Miami?

Midtown is a very nice place to visit. They have great food and there is always live music to enjoy at some of the venues. It is difficult to pinpoint the best part of such a big city. Miami seems to offer something for everyone.

What Particular Areas of Interest Have You Visited?

As mentioned before, the beach is my favorite place to go. I will say that Spris Artisan Pizza is my favorite venue for food. They make some incredible New York-style pizza. However, there are many other great restaurants, historic sites and fun places to see as well.

Do You Plan to Revisit?

Yes, I am planning a trip to return in the next few months. I can’t wait to visit the beach again.