Issac Qureshi is a seasoned wealth manager and tax consultant based in the UK. He is the founder of Ogivily and Haart, a multinational asset management outfit. Owing to his extensive experience and trusted opinions, Qureshi is regularly consulted by clients all over the world on taxation strategies, wealth protection and investment prospects. He frequently travels across Europe, USA and the Middle East to oversee company operations and meet strategic business needs.

Qureshi is widely read and holds multiple degrees. He attended Liverpool University between 1991 and 1995 to pursue a BA in Social and Economic History. Before joining the London School of Economics for his Bachelor’s in Law degree, Issac Qureshi pursued a diploma at the Manchester University Institute of Marketing. The distinguished tax and wealth management consultant also holds a Master of Laws in International and Commercial Trust Law from University College London.

What is your profession?

I am a taxation and wealth management expert working from the London office. Besides asset management and taxation planning, my company provides business strategy, deal making and business development services. We have wealth management, taxation and estate planning experts spread across the world. To meet client objectives, our experts are trained to use their in-depth knowledge, tax planning strategies and organizational skills to provide personalized solutions. I also travel quite a bit to various cities around the world, most notably; New York, Miami, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Dubai.

How long have you been in the industry?

I am an industry veteran with over 25 years’ experience. Just to recap a few notable achievements. I have brokered several successful corporate deals, which include public offerings and listings. For the trust taxation entity put under my watch; my brief entails ensuring the wealth is protected and providing strategic advice to enterprises seeking ways to reduce the tax burden. At one time, I was the Board of Director at the hugely successful Manchester based marketing entity called TBWA. Lastly, I am also proud to be the founder of Urban Logic, a premier off-plan property investment group.

Are there particular challenges in your industry that you would like to discuss with our readers?

The emergence of new funds and rise in industry regulation across the world is making taxation a fairly complex affair. We’ve had to train staff on the rising industry dynamics as well as the all-important tax risk competence to enhance their global competitiveness. The other unique industry challenges include dealing with disputed legacy plans and family risk management.

Do you see any growth prospects in your industry?

The industry is witnessing a positive outlook. A huge part of the growth in the wealth management sector is tied to the fortunes of High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) and burgeoning middle class. Statistics indicate the size and growth of HNWI is expected to hit an all-time high in 2021. Most of this growth will come from the G20 countries, with the US leading the way followed by China. The other countries showing remarkable growth include Russia, Brazil, Turkey and Finland.

How is technology changing your work and industry in general?

We’ve been investing heavily in innovation and new technology to ensure our cutting-edge solutions remain relevant to today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. It is now very easy for taxation and wealth management experts to work away from the office, thanks to advanced tools like video conferencing dashboards and robo-advisors. To harness human capital and enhance productivity, our company is continually strengthening its internal capability and nurturing talents.

Have you been to Miami?

Miami is a special city with year-round sunshine and lots of fun things to do. I have visited the city on several occasions while on business and leisure. My last trip was in the spring of last year.

What part of Miami?

I particularly enjoyed visiting the North Bay Village in the splendid, Biscayne Bay. Sandwiched between Miami Beach and mainland Miami, North Bay Village hosts several businesses and world class restaurants. I also took some time off to visit the bird watching spots around the area.

What particular areas of interest have you visited, including restaurant?

For all and sundry, Miami’s culinary reputation is on the ascent as evident in the quality of cuisine, service and pricing. Joe’s Stone Crab is one of my favorite seafood restaurants in town. Top of the menu is the lavish stone crab and an assortment of regional seafood like the grilled fish. The eatery is very popular with local celebrities, tourists and international travelers.

Do you plan to revisit the city?

I will certainly be back for another memorable trip.