There’s a quiet revolution overturning the digital world, and some particular individuals are spearheading and optimizing it in their various fields. One of such people is Marketing guru Johnson Nguyen, a bachelor’s degree holder from the world-renowned King’s College in England. 

Johnson Nguyen left his hometown of Vancouver, Canada to study Digital Culture, a subject he regards as the future of marketing. Nguyen is a devout follower of the digital revolution. After his studies, he moved back to Canada, where he has set up a digital agency creating mind-bending marketing strategies for different brands globally. Johnson Nguyen is revered for his immense knowledge of digital platforms and how to manipulate them to achieve client goals. His agency has delivered some groundbreaking marketing strategies that stand apart from the crowd. When he’s not working, he’s ticking countries off his bucket list and exploring new places with his family. Johnson Nguyen has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with in the marketing world. 

Why did you move back to Canada after your program?

I could not have set up my agency anywhere else, the agency is a global one, so it’s not limited to Canada, but this is where the dream started from, the vision was birthed here. My understanding of culture started from the Canadian soil, I left because I fell in love with England and studying at King’s College was an opportunity I wasn’t going to let pass by, but Canada is home. 

How would you describe your experience when first starting out?

In my industry, half the thrills we get are from experiences or achievements that seemed almost impossible. Every single hiccup we face only makes a part of the stories we tell later, and that’s evident in the work we put out for our clients. We relay the stories no one else is sharing to the people because those are the most relatable ones. 

How are digital platforms revolutionizing businesses?

Everything is changing, the things we buy, the way we buy things, even the tone of voice we communicate with. The world is shifting, and businesses must change with it. Jeff Bezos once said physical stores approached him for running them out of business, but his response to them was: “Amazon isn’t happening to your business, the internet is” and that’s just the truth. Technology is transforming how organizations do business, and it is our job to advise our clients to go digital to remain competitive. 

Why did you choose this profession? 

In almost every generation, there’s been some renaissance or revolution, and we are here, in the prime of ours, watching it happen. I read all about the cultural rebirth of generations past and how it shapes culture and society. I want to write about our renaissance, mold it, and be a part of it. There’s no greater satisfaction than finding new ways to solve old problems; if I weren’t here today, I would probably be doing something similar. 

In what way has your role impacted others? 

These days we talk a lot about the platforms, the mediums through which we can reach more people. We talk about analyzing and optimizing data to better communicate with the audience, but the goal is to build communities and connections, breaking through the noise to retain someone’s attention. There’s a saying that people do not want a quarter inch drill, they need a quarter inch hole, so my job is communicating to that person that I see your need and I know the solution. So, in a way, our job is to let people know they’re not alone and there’s always a way out. 

What’s your advice to the younger talents in your industry? 

Do not go with the first idea; there’s a better one lurking around the corner. There’s a lot of information out there, you need to be able to break through the noise, and there’s no one way to do that. You can get to your audience through a door, or a window or a hole in the roof, or a patch in the ground, find your opening and break through the noise. Make them see you. 

How do you keep yourself motivated?

There’s a deep desire to defeat myself, I want to be able to do better than I did yesterday and do better tomorrow. Everyone has a reason for doing things, there’s a driving force, find what it is and channel it into creating outstanding work. We’re all doing the same things, solving problems and creating value, I just want to get better at it every day.