Caitlin Craig Lawrence is a renowned fashion designer and blogger based in Kansas. Born in Ginowan City, Japan, Caitlin is the last born in a family of four children. Her father served in the military and was based at Camp Foster Marine Corps Base in Ginowan. As a child, Caitlin loved beautiful people and stylish clothing.

Her mother and seamstress godmother played a pivotal role in shaping her future career choice. Under the tutelage of her godmother, Caitlin learned vital lessons in the mechanics of design creation and self-expression. She later attended Bauder College in Atlanta to further her career in fashion design. Her biggest break came when she was given a chance to dress celebrities during a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame event held in Kansas. The breakthrough saw her pursue an internship in the fashion capitals of world, Milan and New York.

Soon after, Caitlin developed her own style that incorporates yellow and green themes. These hues feature prominently in her summer collection and highly interactive blog. According to her, green voices life while yellow radiates positivity and expansion. For all the successes she has achieved, Caitlin appreciates the strong family bond, talented associates, friends and the fast-growing business. This is the reason she cares a lot about the community. Outside the rigors of the fashion industry, Caitlin is involved in several newly launched charitable projects. She recently unveiled a line of dog clothing and accessories. Up to 50% of the proceeds from the venture go to support local animal welfare groups.

What is your occupation?

I am a fashion designer based in Topeka, Kansas. I typically do a lot of sketching, trend analysis and venture out quite often to select fabrics. My style revolves around contemporary design.

How long have you been in the trade?

I can trace my interest in fashion to when I was a child. I pursued the career in college and have worked alongside renowned fashion icons. I recently launched a summer collection, showcasing green and yellow. These hues look great on all complexions and exude warmth.

Are there specific industry challenges you would like to share with us?

Today’s fashion industry is highly competitive and more global, as witnessed with the entry of international luxury conglomerates into the local market. The growth is coming with challenges such as sustainability issues and skilled labor exploitation. The industry has long been accused of polluting the environment thanks to the use textile dyes and harmful pesticides in cotton production.

What is the growth outlook of your industry?

The industry is definitely on a roll. The growth is fueling creativity and innovation in so many fronts from design to sales. To compete effectively, brands are forced to embrace speed and agility in order to respond quickly to the changing market dynamics. The strategy entails targeting select niche markets and seasons. The other factors fueling growth include influencer endorsement, social media buzz and sustainability. Indeed, a growing number of fashion brands are reorganizing their operations to fit into the environmental and sustainability equation.

How is technology changing the way you work?

The fashion industry is transforming faster due to the input of workers. We are talking designers, seamstresses and salespeople, who include textile manufacturers, couture models and sketch artists and so on. To appreciate the impact of technology in the fashion industry, fabrics can be envisioned, illustrated and laser cut by a computer. The same computer can automatically replenish depleting stocks by sending alerts. My brand is embracing the Internet of Things and mobile commerce to capture millennials who prefer to shop online. We use IoT to collect critical consumer data that helps us make more informed design and marketing decisions.

Have you ever been to Miami?

I go to Miami very often for both business and leisure.

What part of Miami?

Miami is a big port city and one of the most visited and trendiest places in the world. I have been to downtown Miami, South Beach and Key Biscayne where things to do include a visit to the underwater archaeological trail, well- manicured State Parks, and sunny beach walks.

What particular location did you visit, including restaurant?

The hospitality industry in Miami is booming because of the city’s multi-cultural influence and rich heritage. I like to visit many of the local eateries influenced by South American and Cuban cuisine.

Would you come back?

I sure would. I have lots of friends here who share my passion for fashion and the city is very inspiring.