Reed Gusmus is one of the few professionals possessing all of the characteristics typically sought by SaaS companies in need of a highly effective approach to new customer acquisition as well as exceptionally efficient marketing strategies designed to drive revenue. The energetic and dynamic B2B digital marketing expert’s unique characteristics are now at the disposal of QASymphony, a company specializing in QA testing tools.

Through the incorporation of QASymphony’s test management tools, software development teams are able to vastly enhance their overall efficiency, speed, and collaboration. As the director of marketing at QASymphony, Reed and his team are responsible for developing comprehensive marketing strategies that stimulate company growth and reach the type of clients that stand to gain the most from the implementation of the tools available through QASymphony.

1. What do you (or your business) do?

We develop innovative software specifically designed to improve just about every aspect of the testing process for software development teams.

2. How long have you been in business?

QASymphony was founded in 2011, and the company has grown quite substantially since its initial founding just five years ago.

3. Are there any unique challenges in your industry?

The challenges posed by our industry are absolutely unique, particularly as it relates to the speed with which the industry continually evolves. If you are not innovating on a consistent basis, then you are quite likely to be falling behind.

4. Do you have any particular challenges that you personally address?

Yes, there are many challenges I am responsible for addressing as the director of marketing, but I am fortunate to have an exceptional team capable of quickly collaborating to identify the best possible solution for any challenging issue.

5. Is your industry growing, shrinking or remaining the same?

It is an industry that is growing and growing rapidly. It is a truly exciting time to be a part of it.

6. How does technology impact your company?

It affects everything we do on a daily basis, and we are all deeply interested in software development, testing, and the Agile methodology.

7. Have you ever been to Miami?

Yes, although it is much farther from Atlanta than some of my colleagues seem to realize.

1. What part of Miami?

I try to attend the annual Art Basel show in Miami Beach as often as possible, and I usually stay at one of the beachfront hotels in order to be within walking distance of all the events I want to attend.

2. Did you visit any particular locations including restaurants?

I’ve been to Miami on several occasions, but I mostly visited the art galleries in which Art Basel events were taking place. The restaurants close to my hotel were outstanding, and the galleries often offered an absolutely delightful spread as well.

3. Would you come back?

Yes, and I intend to visit Miami again soon — most likely during the next Art Basel.

4. Was it a business or pleasure trip?

It has always been a pleasure trip for me, but I would certainly welcome the opportunity to travel to Miami on business as well.

8. Where do you see yourself or business in 5 years?

just received new funding for additional expansion, so I imagine that the business will have grown significantly five years from now. My goal is to ensure that I am one of the forces that drives that growth and enables us to offer such tremendously beneficial products to our clients.