Nando Caporicci is a contractor and serial entrepreneur, best-known as the founder of new tech outfit, Olitris Technologies. The firm focuses on providing e-commerce solutions and more importantly, building and maintaining Bitcoin hardware systems. Caporicci received his undergraduate degree in political science in 1994 from the famed Concordia University in Montreal. He went on to pursue a master’s degree in Business Administration at the City University of Seattle. Today, the Quebec native is an eminent expert in Bitcoin mining and a marketing authority. Immediately after graduating with an MBA in 1998, Caporicci set his sights on tapping emerging technologies to strengthen capacity and build successful tech enterprises. 

He briefly served as a marketing expert at ICP Global Technologies. While there, Caporicci played a critical role in expanding the firm’s internet footprint and market reach. Armed with valuable experience in direct marketing and online marketing, Caporicci moved from ICP Global Technologies to the popular online shopping platform, Interest in technology, specifically Bitcoin and other crypto-currency, soon prompted Caporicci to establish his own tech business, Olitris Technologies. Nando Caporicci is a proud father of two kids age 8 and 4. The eldest kid has been diagnosed with High functioning autism (HFA). In spite of the challenge, Caporicci remains focused on achieving success on the personal level and in business. 


What is the focus of your company? 
At Olitris Technologies, we are in the business of developing, troubleshooting and supporting Bitcoin hardware systems. The team is also focused on installing e-commerce solutions. 

How long have you been in business? 

After graduating with an MBA in 1998, I took up a marketing position at ICP Global Technologies. My duties included implementing direct and online marketing strategies with a view of expanding sales and enhancing the company’s online visibility. I am currently focused on marketing, tech-startup and engineering Bitcoin hardware solutions and rigs. 

What peculiar challenges does the industry present? 

Because of benefits like speed of transaction, transparency and reduced cost, the number of entrepreneurs aspiring to create their own blockchain business has grown considerably. However, Bitcoin technology and the decentralized business model it is rooted in presents a number of challenges. The greatest challenges include limited scalability, security and the inability of central authority or networks to respond quickly when serious issues like hacking crop up. 

Is there a particular challenge you would like to address? 

Finding a solution to the problem of scalability can help grow the blockchain market and guarantee mainstream adoption. I believe this constraint can be overcome by adding more crypto currencies. The digital currency market is currently dominated by the likes of Etherium, Bitcoin and Litecoin. 

What is the industry outlook? 

Every year, crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium are becoming more entrenched as a medium of trade and finance. I believe the combined $200 billion crypto-currency market will grow as investors across the world look to non-traditional strategies to grow wealth. Currently, many investors in this new market are keen on the speculative securities, but a sizable number are in it to reap the long-term rewards of a decentralized digital world. 

How does technology impact your company? 

Blockchain is one of the most discussed catchwords in the technology industry today. The decentralized technology drives Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies since it guarantees financial security and provides the crucial transaction ledger. Olitris technologies has benefited a lot from this fast-growing technology. Besides building Bitcoin hardware systems, the company uses the tech platform to scrutinize all the products traversing its fast-growing supply chain. 

Have you been in Miami? 

Yes, the last time being the summer of last year. 

What part of Miami did you visit? 

I visited downtown Miami and the quieter neighborhood of Brickell, where an old friend resides. 

Did you visit any particular places of interest to you, including market and restaurants? 

Brickell is home to several hotels, shops and restaurants. My favorite restaurant is Bazaar Mar, a very popular sea temple frequented by many travelers. I remember sampling some of the best smoked fish in a long time. In downtown Miami, I have been to the Bayside Marketplace and Frost Science Museum. An efficient Metromover train system is always at hand to connect travelers. 

Would you consider coming back? 

I will surely come back. 

Was it a business or pleasure trip? 

I went on a pleasure trip with family. During the trip the kids were especially enthralled by the boundless scenic attractions.