What is the first thought that comes to mind when you think about Miami? Is it the beaches and clubs? Maybe the restaurants and food? Or perhaps it is the money? If you said the money than you are most likely a workaholic, but not too fret, many people in Miami think about all the ways the ways there are to make money. Miami has one of the biggest and fast paced economies in the United States, pretty impressive huh, and recent study conducted on economies stated that it has some of the most wealthiest and beautiful people residing there. So what does this tell us? That’s a whole lot of ego in one city. Miami has some of the most eccentric businesses and people it wouldn’t be hard to find a Miami company exploiting that also.

Miami is a great place to make money, unless your selling sand, because there is plenty of that. If you want to sell Miami Dolphins jerseys then great, if you want to sell bikini’s and board shorts than thats great too, but the real money makers come up with an original idea and market it perfectly, these few are called millionaires, and don’t get too excited, because though a million dollars is a lot of money in most places it isnt much in Miami. So, build your own Miami company and sail away to the Cayman Islands if you must, because you can make money in Miami, but its much harder to keep it there.