Daren_Zenner_fighter     Daren Zenner was to born to hit, so it is not unusual that we would find him hitting the beaches of Miami every now and then. Hosting some of the best restaurants and sights in the world, Miami is renowned for its high energy and nightlife, so no wonder Zenner loves the Miami sun. Just like Miami, Zenner is known for his fast paced South, and just like Zenner Miami packs a punch, no wonder the two get along so well.

Daren Zenner suggests you see the sights especially the dolphins, no not the Miami Dolphins, although that’s a great day during football season, but he is referring our porpoise friends. If you are brave enough you can even swim with them, but it doesn’t take much courage, because the dolphins are friendly than people most of the time. Aside from the dolphins there is a plethora of activities to encounter including one of the best Zoo’s, some of the best cruise tours, the best beaches, so enjoy yourself and remember to try the Cuban food.