Brian Speier is a freelance design consultant and works with programs such as UX and UI design platforms.

1. What do you (or your business) do?

I am an artist. Most of my business involves creating 3D design renderings of various projects, from architectural to personal.

2. How long have you been in business?

Over five years. After graduating from UCLA I have focused all of my efforts into this field of design. I know I can make an impact here.

3. Are there any unique challenges in your industry?

One of the biggest challenges is the competition. It is growing and there are more and more designers working today. I always try to stay one step ahead of the competition, to keep myself employed. You always have to stay on your toes.

4. Do you have any particular challenges that you personally address?

I am always striving to be a better artist. So each project that I work on is like my baby. I have to learn to separate myself from the art at some point so that I can take a step back. Being able to take a step back and look at your work with an outside perspective lets you make your work better and better.

5. Is your industry growing, shrinking or remaining the same?

The industry is definitely growing. The interest in technology driven careers has certainly grown over there years. Meaning there are more talented designers applying for the same jobs than there ever was. Makes this a very competitive industry.

6. How does technology impact your company?

As technology grows, it allows artists like myself to create art even faster. It also gives us more resources at our fingertips. It is a benefit and a hindrance at the same time, since it allows easier access to high end equipment. That means that I have access too it, but it also means that many other people have access to it as well. What it comes down to in the end is talent, the ones with the most talent and the most stamina will come out on top in the end.

7.Have you ever been to Miami?

Yes I have been to Miami and it was one of the best trips of my life. I love Miami, the city is so vibrant and filled with life.

What part of Miami?

I have actually spent quite a bit of time in Miami Beach. I love it there. The people, the weather, all of that make it the perfect place for a visiting artist like myself.

Did you visit any particular locations including restaurants?

Well in Miami Beach there is one of my favorite museums the Bass Museum of Art. I highly recommend anyone visiting Miami not only check out their night life, which is amazing, but also the Art Museums that you have access too.

Would you come back?

I do and would come back often. I love this city, and the weather is impeccable. Once you have been to Miami you understand that there is no where else in the world like it.

Was it a business or pleasure trip?

The trips are for my own pleasure, most of the time. I like the people that I am surrounded by in Miami. It is a fun easy going crowd, but also with a lot of spunk and pride. That is why I keep coming back.

8. Where do you see yourself or business in 5 years?

In five years I see myself further along with my UX and UI company. I am starting my own, and by then it should be in full swing. If all goes right.