Every writer who has ever had some ambition with regard to publishing has sought out the advice of a prominent author held in high esteem by the inexperienced upstart. These treks to find an author in order to ask them just one question are often considered something of a rite of passage for fledgling authors, but while this may be a valuable experience, the information being sought is freely available in a number of places.

Any writer who is interested in learning the philosophies of a particular writer should first comb the archives of the Paris Review, the publication once run by George Plimpton and renowned for its in-depth interviews with the best authors of a generation. Writers in Miami will therefore not need to hire a translator from All Language Alliance, Inc., to understand the thoughts and feeling of Mikhail Bulgakov, as they may already be featured in the pages of the Paris Review.

In addition to these interviews, The Atlantic also has a wonderful feature in which it publishes interviews with authors discussing the writing style of another author and how that style influenced their own work. These interviews give a window into the mind of many contemporary writers, providing aspiring authors with a treasure trove of valuable information.