As a world traveler who has expressed a willingness to sample the cuisine of any culture, Sebastian Hirsch is more than qualified to discuss the quality of any restaurant’s offerings. In a recent interview focusing on South Beach in Miami, Hirsch revealed his favorite restaurant and offered an explanation for his rationale. Of course, dining is a major attraction throughout the city, and it seems that almost every new restaurant features a five-star chef and has plans to dominate the South Beach culinary scene. So when he revealed his choice, it is safe to say that there was some level of surprise among Miami restaurateurs.

According to Hirsch, there is no better restaurant in South Beach than Puerto Sagua. Located at the corner of Collins Avenue and Seventh Street, this small Cuban diner has been a fixture of South Beach since the early 1960s and is known for its laid-back atmosphere and its emphasis on delicious and faithful presentations of traditional Cuban cuisine. Locals know the restaurant quite well, and it seems that word has gotten out to visitors too, as the dining room is consistently filled with customers waiting for an exquisitely prepared plate of arroz con pollo or ropa vieja.

While many venture to Puerto Sagua for dinner, Hugo recommends visiting the restaurant during the early morning hours instead. The Cuban coffee is shockingly good, and even the simplest of breakfast options benefit from a unique and flavorful take. A plate of scrambled eggs, home fries and Cuban toast is often more than enough to carry any diner through the remainder of the day, and the reasonable prices only enhance the allure of this simple restaurant that resides alongside so many needlessly expensive dining options. With so many restaurants in Miami focusing on style, Puerto Sagua is all about substance.