On the surface, it seems that combining a variety of fruits and vegetables into a single serving of juice is an entirely positive practice. In fact, an overwhelming majority of the proponents of this practice cite the wealth of nutrients that can be packed into a tasty drink as exceptionally beneficial for improving one’s overall health and wellness. As the juice trend continues to expand at a seemingly exponential rate throughout Miami and the rest of South Florida, Dr. Raouf Farag weighed in on the subject to clarify both the benefits and potential drawbacks of juicing.

In discussing the health benefits of a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, Dr. Farag explained that it is not just the abundance of vitamins and nutrients or the large volume of water that yields positive results; it is also the high fiber content that ensures the body slowly absorbs the natural sugars included in both fruits and vegetables in order to ensure the efficient expenditure of energy while also preventing a spike in the demand for insulin. An overabundance of sugar without the benefit of high fiber content has been linked to a potentially serious increase in blood pressure as well. It is therefore the case that even though juicing might help people meet their daily vitamin intake requirements, an overabundance of sugar –- natural or otherwise –- without the benefit of fiber might lead to unintended consequences.

Does this mean that Miami’s juice trend might not be as healthy as it seems? According to Dr. Farag, that is not necessarily the case. The Australian IVF doctor pointed out that there are ways to enjoy juicing so that it remains an entirely healthy practice. Of course, the doctor said it is always preferable to consume foods that have not been processed at all, but he added that opting for a smoothie that includes the fiber from the fruits and vegetables it includes is the better option when compared to a juice that removes all of the fiber from its ingredients.

Dr. Farag also added that while juicing (without the fiber) may not be the cure-all it is sometimes made out to be, it is also very likely to be a better drink choice than many of the other options that tend to be available. If it comes down to a soda or a juice, for example, the latter is still likely to be the preferred choice.